My font »RED TAPE« is since February 2012 part of the permanent exhibition »Type from cuneiform to binary-code« at the »German National Library« Leipzig.
It hangs next to names like Bodoni, Garamond, Times, Palatino, DIN, Avantgarde, Eurostyle, Helvetica and many others. Go to my page!

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I am a German type-designer, I spent my Youth in Swabia, Paris and Berlin where I studied graphic design at »Hochschule der Künste« and where Erik Spiekermann and I became friends. He infected me with the »bacillus typographicus«! I was doomed to design typefaces all my life.
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Paris again, Barcelona, Johannesburg, Holiday in Munich, liked it and stayed. I worked at »Herrwerth & Partner« advertising, helped to introduce IKEA to Germany. Rented my first office in 1982, met my lovely wife, worked a lot and we raised two phantastic sons!

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I redesigned the logotype of my favorite Munich paper »Abend-zeitung« and created one font called Eveningnews and one called Morningnews! For years the newspaper used »Evening-news« for their chapter heads. They since changed their design twice, but still use my font for the logotype and special heads.

Type design is a permanent refinement of existing forms, one on top of the other or »in-between«. That is how type design developes, slow but steady evolution works against stagnation in type design.

You can see & test the »EVENINGNEWS« family if you click on the »look here« link. There (or at any other fontseller) you can buy singles or the entire family for reasonable prices.

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